HQ green roof in full bloom

The headquarters of cmogroup.com has its own green roof

Green roofs have grown in popularity during the last decade. Major cities in Europe and beyond have taken an approach to ‘greening’ their skylines. The objective is to improve air quality and biodiversity. The result is a patchwork of sustainable living roofs across urban skylines.

In a 2019 report about ‘urban greening’, Shirley Rodrigues, Deputy Mayor of London, wrote: “This is urban greening as infrastructure not as ornament, and it is essential if we want to create the sustainable cities of the future that we urgently need.”

However, the questions that town planners, architects, developers, and commercial building owners want to know the answers to are; what will it cost, how is it installed, and how effective are green roofs?

Putting the concept to the test, cmogroup.com had its own green roof installed to find out.

Kindly donated by a leading supplier of modular green roofs, Wallbarn, was this M-Tray® modular roof system, installed in November 2018.


Wallbarn Green Roofing System

Wallbarn’s best-selling green roofing systems offer you a tidy finish and a pleasant aesthetic.

Early spring

The first thing we noticed is that is was very quick and easy to install. Read more about this on our Roofing Superstore blog ‘How to install a green roof’.

As the weather got warmer, the sedum started to grow. By early spring, plants were beginning to flourish.

By the end of May, the M-Tray® has battled the winter months with little to no maintenance, and is looking beautiful!

The M-Tray® is a modular green roof system, supplied as a green roof kit which means you can install individual trays of sedum on any flat roof. The plants in the trays, sedum, are pre-grown. You don’t have to spend much time maintaining the trays because Wallbarn recommends weeding just once a year. The sedum is a dominant plant, meaning there won’t be many weeds as the sedum bullies them out.

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