Love, loss, and next day delivery – a film by cmostores.com

Who knew insulation could warm your house and your heart?

A marketing executive from online builders’ merchant cmogroup.com has gone out on a limb to create a tongue-in-cheek promotional video, filmed on his phone on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

Duncan Voice, 34, from South London, spent three years as Insulation Superstore’s Manager before following his dream to pursue a career in marketing.

He said: “I get bored with how the construction industry markets their products, so I wanted to prove a point that it doesn’t have to be stuffy or old fashioned.

“Just because we work in construction, which is quite traditional in many ways, it doesn’t mean we have to be straight-laced or stuck in the past. At cmogroup.com we’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. We’re positive disruptors in the industry having grown the business to £38 million, and we want to do the same thing with our marketing.”

cmogroup.com sells building supplies to the trade and has four specialist online superstores selling doors, drainage, insulation, and roofing and will shortly be launching new stores.

The hilarious advert shows that marketing departments don’t always need to have big budgets either. Duncan added, “Phil from Drainage Superstore filmed it, and all it cost was the price of a KFC to say thank you.”

“We enjoyed making it”, he added, “I just really love phenolic foam insulation.”

The video promotes next day delivery on Kingspan Kooltherm insulation offered by one of cmogroup.com’s specialist divisions.

To find out more visit www.insulationsuperstore.co.uk.